Wednesday, December 3, 2008


hoho.. hello guys! here is the site that i document my photography journey!

alright, let's get start, i'm just a person who love to shoot photos, begin with shooting wildly in whatever way that i like.. and then i start to realize that it is not just photos, it's a form of art, an expression, a moment that, we, human being trying to preserve.

so i start to learn.. and still learning.... how to master this form of art..

guess.. what? actually i have started shooting from my primary school.. haha.. just that.. it's plainly point and shoot.. haha..

::well.. this is the first ever camera that i had touched in my life.. an olympus! it's actually my family's first ever camera as well, my dad bought it for traveling purpose::

::and then it come to my brother's Minolta SLR, exact model i can't remember already, bought by my mum to my brother as a gift for him to document his uni life in New Zealand, i also got chances to play around with it as point and shoot in fully auto mode (haha.. what a waste!)::

::following by a digital age, this Canon A70 is my first digital camera from an establish camera brand, to my shame i had previously cheated by a taiwanese company and bought a super lousy digital camera out of no way, i can't even remember their brand name now.... by the way, this A70 is still operating now, it been given to my bro-in-law to take family photos::

::Thanks to the some release of manual function in A70, i had learned a lot beside just point and shoot, wanted to upgrade to DSLR but it's really too expensive, so i bought this S3is instead, despite its feature full functions, the picture noises and limitation of a single lens has bugged me often::

::finally, thanks to the harsh competition around the low cost digital SLR market, i'm able to get a pretty decent DSLR(canon 450D) for a good price, and really start to explore the true essence of photography.. ::

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