Friday, October 9, 2009

Siong Loong + Siew Leng Wedding (Crowne Plaza @ Changi)

I knew Siong Loong and Siew Leng even before they become a couple..haha.. A really nice guy and a decisive woman. Although Siew Leng and I was in a same OG group in orientation but I was really come to know more about her when I was assigned in helping her organizing a one week event call Chinese Cultural Festival in NTU.

I always feel very honor to be part of the wedding. Frankly speaking, my writing wasn't really good so I use my action to send my greatest blessing to them, helping them preserving those good moments in their wedding by form of photos. Cheers! Friendship Forever!

As it's a 2 day wedding event, so I had post more photos over here. Enjoy~

Wedding Day 1 :

I'm sorry but I've to tell you girls that your dresses are similar to mooncake packages! haha...

Happy bride~

Please spare those brothers! They are innocence..

hmm.. I wonder whose hand was that. It's so strong can put so many guys to shame..

Alright , let's the game begin!

Take it easy , dude! it's just some lipstick...

Hmmm... quite entertaining, what a great dance ! you guys RockS!

Well, you may think this is an photoshoped image but it's downloaded from the camera as is (except post processing of color correction).

Wedding day 2 :


  1. Nice wedding photographs there. Nice work.... we can connect..

  2. Frolic eve! Wedding fun and love in the pictures is exciting me a lot. Will have similar merriment at my cousin's wedding next week. Bought a designer sequined dress too. Got the invite for one of our favorite wedding venues in Yorkshire. Red and black theme for the cocktail at home is also planned.

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