Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Balance Experiment

Recently I got some feedback about the correction of white balance. As i always use AWB(auto white balance) as default so this create some problem when shooting in mixed lighting situation especially indoor with different types of artificial lighting.

As a normal person like me, i guess you'll simply assume the camera will recognize all color exactly you seen from your eye but in actual fact it doesn't, the camera need some reference point so that it can calculate and compensate for the color "it" seen. This is why white balance come in to play. If you set the white balance correctly then the image color you got is very much the same as the actual situation, else, you'll probably got a yellowish face in a party with halogen lighting.

alright let cut the crap and see some example :

::Pic 1, taken with Custom White Balance from this youtube video::

::Pic 2, taken with Auto White Balance::

::Pic 3, same image as Pic 2 with white balance corrected by DPP-Digital Photo Professional from Canon, this can be corrected easily as the cushion is very close to white color even under mixed lighting::

for another cases in which we can't find any white in picture, the white balance can't be corrected easily like the same case above.

::Pic 4, taken with Custom White Balance from this youtube video::

::Pic 5, taken with Auto White Balance::

::Pic 6, same image as Pic 5 with white balance correct by using same technique as Pic 3 in DPP::

::Pic 7, same image as Pic 5 with white balance trying to correct in photoshop using same among of time spent in corecting Pic 6 (i'm sorry i'm still learning photoshop..), by using more time and effort , you can make the picture looks exactly the same as Pic 4 however, it isn't very practical to do this if you're shooting for event, you'll probably find yourself spending more time in photoshop instead of spending more time in thinking creative shooting which you suppose to do::


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