Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jun Yong + Pei Shan Wedding

Last Sunday, it's my buddy Jun Yong's wedding. I'm so happy for him and can't wait to help him out. Besides, I also got opportunities to learn from Bobby, he is a professional wedding photographer with WPJA affiliation, in a more layman term "very solid and powerful". It's so great to shoot with him and I can feel his seriousness and right attitude towards his work, thumb up and 5 stars rating for him! hoho.. so if you're looking for an excellent wedding photographer, please don't hesitate to have a talk with him.

Jun Yong, may you and Pei Shan live happily ever after.Below are my favorite photos of that day. Cheers and enjoy these photos~


  1. wasai, the bride and the groom just too pretty and handsome o!

    thanks bro! love you so much... and really really thank you so much ya!

    waiting for yours to come. hehe.. jia you !!!

  2. yea!!! you're welcome~
    dunno when is my turn.. haha...