Monday, January 5, 2009

Sean + Jacelyn Registration of Marriage

To me, Sean + Jacelyn Registration of Marriage(ROM) is a very special assignment.

There are many "first" in this ROM shooting :
This is my first shooting event that I received a red packet for helping to shoot photos.
This is my first time to try 11am-12pm under the sun shooting, it's really hot but it's fun.
This is my first shooting event that I had destroyed quite a number of spider's webs for the sake of getting a good angle.
This is my first shooting event that I feel a wide angle lens is needed.

last but not least, that day is 20081122, it was really a special day! let's enjoy some of my favorite photos taken that day.


  1. So many First time for my assignment o!! haha... bcoz i am a difficult person to please and got so many special request to you..paisei..But, u reali did a good get prepared for my actual day o...

  2. hohoho.. it's ok, i set very high expectation for myself too! haha.. i'm looking forward to your actual day!

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