Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Han Sing + Su Yan Wedding

This is my fiancee's sister wedding. In another word, this lovely couple will be my future brother-in-law and sister-in-law. haha.. it's better don't screw up this photo taking assignment during their wedding and must perform well.

Everything was going well, except my newly bought energizer rechargeable batteries were not performing. As an one year old set of energizer rechargeable batteries can last for around half to full day of hectic shoots, so I naively believe that the new set will perform, gohs but it dried after few shoots and that's the only backup set I had. Luckily the room light is still alright at that time and I'm able to shoot without flash for a while before I borrowed another backup set from a nice person name Ah Lok (if i'm not wrong...)

Moral of the story: always had at least 2 sets of backup batteries in your gear bag just in case things went wrong.

other than the above problem, I was enjoying all day long.. haha...let's see what I had captured that day..

Public viewable album:

If you're friends of Han Sing or Su Yan, please go to the full album at the proofs section from url below:


  1. wow!! Nice series!
    Wonder why there are so many weddings around you.. envy.. :)

  2. coz many ppl getting marry around my age... haha..

    after that probably u'll be seeing a lot of babies photos here...