Sunday, February 15, 2009

Teck Shyan + Sin Yee Wedding's very hard to begin writing this blog entry because there are too many memories that come into my mind that I'm afraid my limited command of English language cannot completely describe how I felt for this wedding shooting.

This guy is one of my best buddies, we met during primary school time and he is always the source of laughter in our class because he was very easily got shy and his head will turn red in no time, this is how he get the nickname of "red apple" in class. ahem, to be his buddies, we'll laugh out really loud as well. (what a great buddy huh?)

And now, he is getting married! Times really fly...
I still remembers lots of things in mind and they seems like just happen yesterday :
the first time that we fried our french fry in your really near to school home;
the time we queueing up in basketball court waiting to go back home;
the time we went for basket ball training;
the time we wondering around in school bus to FYHS;
the time we went back our lovely primary school to be relief teacher;
the time you driving your "lao bok cart"(lousy car) and give all of us a joy ride;
the time we encouraging you to go for it...and now she is your wife;
the time that our dear friend leave us forever and leaves us in pain;
and not forgetting numerous "limteh"(tea drinking) session that everyone chill out and talking nonsense together.

There are still much more but I simply can't continue to write, because all the childhood memories blow out together and I'm afraid it can't just described by few I guess I'll round up here...I hope that I did not disappoints you in helping you to document your wedding by way of photos.

May you, your wife and family, live happily ever after!

Let's enjoy photos from this splendid wedding!

For more pictures , please access through the public viewable album:

If you're friends of Teck Shyan or Sin Yee, you can access the full album:


  1. You'll never know how grateful i am to have you as my buddies....A simply thanks will not be enough.
    It'll always in my precious memory along my life.
    All the best to you.

  2. :D happy study month in taiwan! hahaha..

  3. hey hey...
    how come i cant open d album d ar?
    erm...Jen It u really did a good job...

  4. you try to paste the following url to your address bar directly :

    then you need to key in password to access the album, it's teck shyan msn.