Monday, March 9, 2009

Chi Yung + Shen Reen Wedding

Aha! I got another wedding assignment! Maybe you have notice or maybe not, those that I had helped taking photos for them in their actual wedding day, all of them are my very good friends. Frankly speaking, I'm so happy that I can contribute a part in their weddings, which I think it's a very important time in their life.

For the 3 recent assignments, they even did not hire professional wedding photographer and entrust me with the task of "Eternalize their Perfect Moment". (hahaha..luckily you guys know me! Else you better have budget for hiring a good one!)

To me, my task at the wedding is not just taking photos, I got my own mission statement: To document the wedding by ways of photos in an undisturbed way. The kind of feeling that no photographer is actually there but the photographer is actually working diligently there to capture those being missed out by most of the participant. Therefore, there is a reason for me to be there, to eternalize that split second moment that will never replay again.

Above is what suddenly come to my mind when I writing this post for Chi Yung & Sheen Reen wedding.

Well..It's actually very hard to describe the groom.He is my senior in my postgraduate studies...taught me a lot of things and I'm still learning from him for many things till now..

To me.. this guy is really a complicated one..
He can be very serious or crazy.
He can be very friendly or pissing you off.
He can be discussing works with you or talking "hamsap"(cheeky) joke to you.

However, despite all this complication he still manage to find a very good wife! hahaha.. just joking anyway :P

The last time we met before his wedding was his commencement. This time we met was his wedding... so I guess next time we meet is either my commencement or my wedding or you baby boy's full month party??? hahaha.... let's see which one come first ya.

okok.. let's cut the crap and enjoy some of my favourite photos that I helped this lovely couple took during their glamorous wedding.

p/s: the real 5 "storey" cake is really impressive!

Public viewable album :

If you're friends of Chi Yung or Shen Reen , please visit full album from the proof section:


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