Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sean + Jacelyn Wedding

It's been a long time since I shot ROM photos for Sean & Jacelyn. In between this period, I had brushed up my skill a little bit and ready to go a little bit further! hahaha.. The best part: I'm not the main photographer, again, yeah! (you might wonder why I'm so happy? continue read on)

...well...this also means that :
1. I can by pass the group photo sessions and focus on the moment!
2. Got time to sit back, relax and eat~
3. Can "eat snake"(rest), and let the main one do the job. haha!
(rest assure that all this doesn't affect my photos qualities, hoho...)

Since I got plenty of time wondering around and looking for moment to preserve, it turns out that I had pretty lots of shoot that I'm quite happy with. Remember to check out the full album from the links at the end of this post!

Highlight of the wedding :

Full album from the proof section :


  1. thanks, Jen!!

    Your skill reali improved a lots!!!!! Extremely Professional now!! Yeah!! I love all the photos you taken...some make me laugh till i drop...hahaha....

    Good Job!!

  2. hee hee~ you're welcome, still got a lot of space to improve though.

    But it's really great to know that you like it! cheers~ and enjoy your coming yearly trip~