Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lean Seong + Jocelyn Wedding

It was a beautiful weekend that I don't have to wake up early for this wedding assignment so I can post-processing photos taken from previously hold Sean & Jacelyn Wedding till late night while preparing my mind for Lean Seang & Jocelyn Wedding the next day.

Initially thought this would be a small scale assignment but after arriving the venue, my mind changed totally. That place was simply amazing with nice and lovely decoration; fully immersing guests in a romantic atmosphere. (Gosh, this kind of venue & decoration is what I had been looking forward to shoot for)

For guests arriving late, you might find those tables and chairs along the walk way weren't really being arranged nicely.(Initially, it were arranged nicely when I arrived earlier) You might wonder why is it so messy, huh? This is because all those tables were being shift up to the in-door ball room at second floor as an emergency plan for countering raining. However, this couple is really blessed that even those dark clouds weren't bear to actually rain but only "pass-by" and made the weather so nice that you don't feel hot at all sitting out-door around noon. Therefore, those poor workers have to shift them back while guests arriving.

Oppss...seem that I had been talking too much about the weather..hahaha.... For this assignment, there were so many spontaneous expressions being captured that made this wedding shoot a particular memorable one to me. Thanks to the wonderful couple and guests(ahem,because I'm also one of them..haha!) Remember to check out the album from link at the end of this post.

-: To Lean Seong & Jocelyn :-
(literally means : Wish you guys be in love forever + hold each other hand till the end of time and born a baby boy soon.)

Wedding Hightlight (for Everyone):

Full Album (for Lean Seong & Jocelyn's Friends):


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