Friday, June 5, 2009

Zhi Qiang + Xiao Jing Wedding and WPJA membership!

I'm now a WPJA member! yeay! It's the day before the wedding of Zhi Qiang + Xiao Jing that I had been granted the membership! But I only knew that 2 days later as I'm so busy gearing up and think of ways to improve in the actual day wedding shoot for this lovely couple. For more info about WPJA, follow the link below:


Another good friend of mine got married! This fellow I knew him since Junior Middle 2(or 1??I can't remember...) in secondary school, even though we were not in the same class but we always study on the same table in the study room waiting for our afternoon class to start, this is how we get to know each other. (erm.. this is what I remember.. got any other version?)

Well, that is not the end of course, we had been same class for all 3 years during our Senior Middle class! What a great record! And during this 3 years, he had been a very reliable source for Maths and Physics solutions!

If I'm not wrong I guess I'm the first few friends to visit your home? Well, frankly speaking, that is a really tough time for me as I'm lacking behind a lot in Physics and need him to help tutoring me, that's why I went to his home for emergency Physics makeup! Luckily got you otherwise my Physics result might be even worse.

Later, he went to NUS and I went to NTU, but distance is not a problem! haha...good friend seldom meet but once meet, that kind of feeling will still be the same anyway! At least, I still feel you're the same honest and sincere man that I first knew in study room. :D

ahem.. I guess I'm getting old and keep nagging about memories huh? (haha.. okok..let's make it short and sweet.) In short, I had helped him cover actual day wedding photos together with Jun Hong.

Here are some of them and remember to follow the link of wedding highlight at the end this post!

Wedding hightlight:

Full album access(For this couple's friends):