Friday, September 11, 2009

Ding Liang + Zhou Jian = The 090909 Wedding by Jen Wong Photography!

About 2 months ago, I helped Ding Liang cover his doctorate degree commencement and now he is getting married! Time fly and it seem like we're still at the commencement party yesterday.

In spite of very short notice, I still accepted this assignment without hesitation despite crashing head to head with my hectic writing schedule. This is simply because he is Ding Liang, my senior sitting right behind me during our memorable Measurement Lab day. He is the one with very good attitude towards study and will really spend overnight at lab just to finish writing one paper and I pay my respect to him. He is really the #2 crazy senior I had knew after Chi Yung.

I'm really happy for him for landed a good career and get married! This is another milestone of their life and I want to wish them happily ever after and holding each other hand until the end of time.

One of the moment in Ding Liang's commencement :

Wahaha, he looks so happy in his wedding day! The 090909 !! :

Queen style, 5 star services for the bride :

Moment during make-up.. :

It's time for hairdo and her aunt was so focus on her! :

Little crown for the bride :

The salon got a very nice interior design :

woo hoo, about to finish dressing up and make-up soon :

Ding Liang seems inexperience in doing this , haha:

Definite moments :

Wahaha, we have few little guests outside the activity room :

They seems very interested on knowing what the groom and bride were doing : (I particularly love this photo very much..)

Some of my favorite moments :

More Photos:

if you're friends of Ding Liang or Zhou Jian , please access the full album:


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