Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last wedding shoot in 2009 from Jen Wong Photography - Welik & Pui Ling Wedding

It has been a great year in 2009 and I really learn a lot about photography. I knew that it’s never going to end as there are always something new to learn about everyday. I got my WPJA membership this year too and I’m really looking forward to a great year ahead in 2010. Sharing with you something I saw on the internet these few days. In term of creativity, never lock yourself down with some sort of template or buying other people preset or action in Photoshop because “Photographer are hunter, keep hunting!”  That will help to unleash you own potential, own style.

The background is a bit messy so I focus on the red “double happiness” and waiting for the bride to come out after changing.
(I have been waiting for you…haha.. )

I was thinking of shooting the red little “double happiness” sticker on the door and the bride suddenly came into the frame.
(This one was not planned and it’s totally plain luck plus some instinct in pulling the shutter.)




The baby : “Mum, I want to eat too!!”

The baby : “Mum, the spoon is too big!!”

Hey, where is your glass buddy?


Mum : “Son, next time you gotta get a wife as pretty as the bride!”


Lent me your shoulder, I’m so tiring… (you know… I can’t sleep yesterday nite!!!)

It’s okie buddy! Take it easy~

Tadda!, let me present you with the Déjà vu picture of the day!

The first version of Déjà vu picture happened 10 months ago…


If you’re friends of Welik or Pui Ling, you can view the full album from the URL below:

If not, you still can view the highlight from URL:

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