Monday, December 21, 2009

Steven & Ivy Wedding Dinner

Steven contacted me in a relatively short time frame before his wedding but I still offer to help him since I was also free on that day. Since he only needed my help for wedding dinner therefore it’s also quite a simple assignment and I really quite enjoy it.

By the way, there are really a great number of children attending their wedding dinner and I never had such amount of children shoots in a wedding dinner like this. Normally, children expression is very raw and natural, the best part is that they didn’t know and didn’t care about my existence so I can really capture what they were doing, quietly.

What surprise me most is that I met Ivy’s brother few weeks after her wedding day during my lunch time. It’s really a small world.

It’s also quite hard to get old people natural look, as they’re very sensitive to camera and tend to be unnatural, but after looking at the wrinkle at the forehead, I just can’t resist in taking this shoot. The best part, he didn’t sense my existence yet.

Haha! Children party time!

I always looking for moment like this in wedding….the very real interaction of couple.


Even at a joyful occasion, there is a quiet moment. I’m grateful that I was there.

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